Dear guests of,If you book your rental car online via our website, you will immediately receive an automatic order confirmation. If you cannot find it, please look in the SPAM folder.If you send an inquiry by email, we will send you either the order confirmation or the models that are still available as soon as possible if we are already fully booked. Your request is valid as soon as you have received the order confirmation. If you have not received an answer from us within the next 48 hours, please check your SPAM emails or contact us by email information or by phone (0030 28970 42800). We thank you for understanding and we are looking forward of having a good partnership together!

Please call our office from:  Monday till Sunday 08:00 till 17:00 o’clock from the 1st of April till the 1st of November : Office: 0030 2897042800 Off season (1 November-1 April) only 0030 6981430492 24 hour service for emergency or last minute reservation (english, german): Martin: 0030 6981430492

INCLUDED IN PRICE (free without any charge)

This insurance relieves you of financial responsibility if your car is damaged or completely destroyed in an accident: Full Insurance without excess: You are totally covered.It is included in the car rental cost.

​Covers all damages to the car that do not take place in an accident. Specifically, it covers damages to underside of the car (only when driving on asphalt roads), to the interior valet, as well as small parts stolen from the car (i.e. mirrors, antennas, etc) and damages after a break-in attempt. The tire & wheel insurance covers damages from nails, screws up to a maximum amount of 15 Euros. The customer has to use the spare wheel to drive to the closest petrol station and repair the tire (costs 8-15 euros). This will take a maximum of 10 minutes. The day of your departure, you can give to us the receipt of the repair of the tire and we will refund you the money. Another option is to send you one of our employees to fix it, but it will take longer and you have to waste more of your holiday time. In case you have a flat tire and you continue driving the cost of the tire and any other damages caused due to the recklessness has to be paid by the customer. All insurances are valid only for driving on asphalt roads.

The Personal Accident Insurane covers the driver and the passengers for doctor and medicine expenses. The exact limits in case of hospitalization, etc. are available on request. In case of an accident, the notification must be made in eight (8) working days from the date of the accident. Otherwise the Personal Accident Cover becomes invalid, according to the insurance policy terms. For further details please contact the office.

For any damage you make to other persons, animals or property. It covers damages to property up to 1.000.000€ and to people up to 1.000.000€ (excluding passengers of rental vehicle).

Theft Insurance covers the stolen car; not your stolen personal belongings.

Partial or total damage to the vehicle resulting from fire.

You can travel all around Crete without extra cost. Please notice that vehicles cannot be taken outside of the island of Crete.

Your damaged vehicle will be replaced with a new one, so that you continue your vacation. In circumstances where we cannot replace the damaged vehicle, you are free to claim the cost of the remaining rental days. Replacement or refund will not take place if driving with negligence.

There is always someone to help you in any case (problem, accident, etc). There is an emergency phone number on your contract which you can dial 24 hours every day. 24h Telephone Accident Assistance: someone will assist you with the accident procedures until the police and the insurance arrive.

All cars are insured for road assistance all over the island of Crete.

Insurance coverage becomes invalid in the event of an accident involving drugs or alcohol. In line with legal requirements and our policy, no insurance company assumes responsibility for damages resulting from an accident if the driver was driving in violation of the law or failed to report the incident promptly. The renter is responsible for paying parking tickets, traffic fines, and any associated costs arising from the immobilization of the vehicle (e.g., police seizure of number plates, impoundment of the car, or placement of wheel clamps). Please note that insurance does not cover the replacement or repair of broken or lost car keys. Additionally, damage to convertible or soft-top vehicles, such as a broken roof caused by closing it when the trunk is loaded with luggage, is not covered by insurance. The loss of any vehicle parts (e.g., boot cover, wheel cover, number plates, etc.) is also not covered. All insurance policies provided exclusively pertain to paved roads. If you plan to travel on unpaved roads, like Balos, we offer an additional insurance option to ensure comprehensive coverage for your journey.


If you can not start your holiday you have the possibility to cancel the rental car up to 15 days before the scheduled pick up date without any costs. If you have paid in advance we will refund you the full amount. Should you cancel within the last 14 days, a maximum of 3 rental days will be charged. This is variable because it depends on the season and the type of car. Changes to the rental period prior to arrival or during the stay will not be refunded as the car was booked for you for that specific period.

In case you cannot come to join your holidays because of any reason, there is the possibility to avoid the cancellation fee with the cancellation insurance.

All our employees are informed all the time for the arrival as well as their changes that might occur. They wait for your arrival flight to deliver you the car, even if there is a delay.

No deposit is needed to make a reservation, please send us the exact details for your booking and we will send an offer. If you want to save 5% please use our online booking system. These are the accepted methods of payment: Payment on arrival: You can pay the total amount in cash when you pick up the rental car. Should you wish to pay by card (credit or debit card) upon arrival (Master or Visa), a transaction fee of 3% of the rental price will be charged. You also have the option of paying with various digital currencies. 20% deposit (save 5%): You have the option to pay 20% in advance and get a 5% discount. (Visa, Master, bank transfer, various digital currencies). This discount is already included in the online offer. The remaining amount can be paid in cash when the rental car is handed over or with a credit card (there is a transaction fee of 3% for payments with a card on arrival). Please note that the payment method “bank transfer” is only possible if your arrival is at least 10 days after your booking. Please transfer the 20% deposit within 3 days after the booking and send us a screenshot to confirm the transaction. If we do not receive a message within the 3 day period, your booking request will be automatically cancelled. If you need more detailed information, please contact us.

Important Notice:

Due to a new regulation by the tax office and technical issues with our static IP internet connection, we would like to inform you that card payments are currently only possible at our main counter at Heraklion airport. If you need to pay with a card, please visit our main office at the airport of Heraklion.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and are working diligently to provide you with a more convenient solution soon. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

The driver (this also applies to additional drivers) must be at least 23 years old and have held a driver’s license for at least 4 years. The age limit for insurance includes the age of 70. For drivers 71+ years old an additional insurance must be added (the costs are 2.50 euros per rental day).

Full/Empty: The car is delivered to you full of petrol. On return the car may be returned empty of petrol. The cost of this facility is paid at the beginning of the rental and it is calculated locally (depending on the current price of petrol and the capacity of the vehicle). Full/Full: The car is delivered to you full of petrol and has to be returned with a full tank again. In case there is fuel missing on the day of the collection, you have to pay the difference in cash to our employee. When you make your reservation, you can mention the desired fuel option in the notes. In case you don’t mention anything, the full/full option applies.

For vehicle drop-offs, a maximum tolerance of 30 minutes is allowed, after which, an extra day’s rental will be charged. For extention of the vehicle the customer has to inform us in due time before your rental expires. In case the customer dos not inform us, the expenses cause by the unconfirmed extention has to be paid by the customer upon return the rental vehicle.

In case of keys’ loss the client will be charged of 150€. In case of documents’ loss the client will be charged of 160€. If you loose the Number plates of the car the charge is 290 Euro.

Maintenance expenses will not be reimbursed without prior authorization from our staff and without presentation of a receipt made out to Π.ΚΟΚΑΛΗΣ ΑΕ.

Any complaints must be received by our main office within 60 days of the closure of the rental agreement.

THE BEST S.A. will make every effort to supply the reserved model of vehicle. However, it is impossible for us to guarantee that a specific model will be provided. If the make/model of vehicle that you booked is not available then the Company will supply a suitable alternative from the same or bigger vehicle group classification. The pictures on our homepage are sample photos.

THE BEST S.A. cannot be held responsible for rentals rejected if you do not present the following documents at collection of car. On collection of your vehicle you need a full valid driving license  written in the Latin alphabet (a copy is not valid) and the passport or ID. In case you don’t have a driving license with you on delivery day, your reservation is considered cancelled and the cancellation fees must be paid. 

A reservation is only confirmed once you receive the confirmation ticket from THE BEST S.A.. This voucher must be produced on collection of your vehicle.

CDW (Collision Damage Waiver Insurance) is included by default in all rates. However, if you wish to decline this insurance, please note THE BEST S.A. will not deal with foreign policies or credit card companies in the event of damages to the hired vehicle. Renters will have to pay for damages on return of vehicle and THE BEST S.A. will issue them copies of all paperwork so they may make the claim themselves.

All rates quoted include one driver only. All extra drivers are subject to the same age and license requirements as the hirer of the vehicle. Generally there is no maximum number of drivers per vehicle. The charge for an additional driver is found at the third step of the online booking form.

We can provide the suitable seat for every child: baby seat (0-9kg) child seat (9-18kg) booster (more than 18kg) The charge for the seats is found at the third step of the online booking form.

All rates include delivery/collection costs in Heraklion airport. Every collection or delivery which does not take place in Heraklion has an additional cost. This depends on the distance and the size of the car. (Example: 0.50€/km Contact the office for more cost per location).

The renter will be required to inform the rental agent immediately of any accident; otherwise the insurance is not valid! The renter must take the following measures: Obtain as much as possible details of the persons involved in the accident as well as of any possible witnesses. Immediately provide the rental agent with all the details regarding the accident, which may be of use. Immediately notify the authorities if the third party should be investigated or in the event of injured persons. Do not leave the vehicle without taking correct measures to protect and safeguard it.  Rates are subject to change without notice. Contact the THE BEST S.A. for the most updated version.

The fully comprehensive insurance is only valid on paved roads.That was always a big problem, as there are many hidden very beautiful places on Crete that can only be reached via gravel roads:Now we have finally found a way for you to come to these places. You can take out a gravel road insurance with us for certain vehicles.This does not apply to off-road trips through wild terrain, but refers to gravel roads such as the road to Balos.  This insurance is available for the models: Dacia Sandero, Peugeot 2008, Dacia Duster, Jeep Renegade and Jeep Trailhawk.

This surcharge applies to all vehicle handovers and vehicle returns outside our official opening hours.These are from 08:00 in the morning until 21:00. Vehicle handovers outside of business hours are possible from 21:00 – 23:30  and 7:00 – 8:00. Vehicle returns are possible 24 hours.During these times we charge a fee of 34 euros. If you have reserved a car and the pick-up/drop-off times change, the night supplement will either be added to or charged on site.

Since our prices include all insurances WITHOUT excess, we do not require a deposit, guarantee or a credit card.

If you have a voucher from an old booking/cancellation etc., then please book online as usual and simply write in the EXTRA INFORMATION field that you would like to redeem a voucher.We will then deduct this from your online booking.

We regret to announce that we have made the difficult decision to prohibit the transportation of pets in our rental cars. Despite our numerous requests to pet owners to return their vehicles in a clean and well-maintained condition, we have encountered instances where pets are allowed to roam freely, resulting in extensive pet hair accumulation in the carpets, crevices, and trunk. The time and effort required to remove this pet hair have been substantial.

In consideration of our customers, many of whom have allergies and wish to enjoy their holidays without discomfort, we find it necessary to implement this policy.

Additionally, we have observed that even when pets are transported in boxes or with protective carpets, the wind can blow hair everywhere, further complicating the cleaning process.

Therefore, effective immediately, we are enforcing a strict no-pet transportation policy in our rental cars. Failure to comply with this policy will result in a special cleaning charge of 50 euros.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we strive to maintain a clean and comfortable environment for all our customers. Thank you for your continued support and patronage.

If your arrival is delayed, we will of course wait for you. Additional charges may apply outside of opening hours (21:01-07:59). If the flight or the ship has arrived and the renter does not meet us at the meeting point within 1 hour, then the reservation is cancelled. The same applies to appointments at a specific pick-up time. One hour after the scheduled pick-up time, the reservation is cancelled. Of course, this does not apply if you inform us about delays,  problems at the baggage claim, arrival hall, etc. Please inform us of any changes to your vehicle pick-up (flight number change, ferry change, etc), so that we can organize everything well for you.​If your arrival time changes and you want to pick up the rental car earlier/later or keep it longer, you must first clarify with the booking department whether this is possible. If so, there may be extra costs to be paid upon arrival/ If you arrive one day later than planned, but stay one day longer than booked, then this additional day will be charged. The rental period is extended by one day. (this only applies to changes made 14 days before your arrival)  

Our website automatically calculates a reduced daily rate for a long rental period.

Heraklion airport: we are waiting for you at our kiosk, which is located at the parking opposite the arrivals. There is no shuttle bus, only around 80 meters walking from the arrivals to your car. Video how to find us at the airport Hotel: Our representative will meet you at the reception of your hotel. If your hotel does not offer a parking, we will meet you at a meeting point close to your hotel for the delivery/return of the car. When you make the reservation on our website, you select the location of your hotel and write the name and the address of your hotel in the notes (under your personal information).

The final price of your rental (including taxes, VAT, etc) is written on the page you fill in your personal information (after the page of extras). This is the price you will pay for your rental and nothing else (guarantee, deposit, etc). 

Unfortunately this season our station in Chania will not open, so we can not provide any rentals in the Chania area. We will be happy to see you if your rental is in the Heraklion area.

You do not have to clean the rental car before returning it. We’ll take care of that for you if the car is “normally” dirty. Unfortunately, it often happens that the rental car is returned in an extremely dirty condition. For this reason we charge a fee of up to 70 euros in the event that a rental car is extremely dirty. The amount is to be paid directly when the vehicle is returned or, in special cases, with a bank transfer. Reasons for the fee include cleaning the upholstery (edges of wet swimwear) – pounds of sand in the car…etc. just when it’s recklessness. Please keep in mind that after you, someone else will want to travel and enjoy the island in this car.

Smoking in the car is forbidden!A fine of 150 euros will be charged if smoking is/was carried out in the vehicle.

Non-mechanical issues encompass problems or malfunctions that do not directly affect the core functionality of the vehicle, including specific accessories like the USB charger or the 12V charger. The terms and conditions of the rental agreement state that non-mechanical issues are generally not considered valid reasons for requesting a change of car.