Unfortunately there is no insurance that is liable for accidents on unpaved roads. It has also always been a problem with defects on the car, as the road assitance cannot come if the road is unpaved or bad.

Since Crete has so many bays, canyons etc. which can only be seen when passing gravel roads, it was very important for us that we were able to offer a possibilty to visit  places like, Balos, Agio Farango, …. without having “headache”

Now, finally we have found an insurance which completes our Full Insurance package and with our own road assistance we can offer to help you as quickly as possible, no matter where you are in Crete!

This new insurance is not included in the price because it is not available for all groups and, of course, is not interesting for everyone.

What is included in the insurance:

  • Tire damage is 100% heard
  • driving on unpaved roads
  • road assistance on unpaved roads

This insurance is available for the models:

Dacia Sandero

Peugeot 2008

Dacia Duster

Jeep Renegade

Jeep Trailhawk