When you plan your holidays, you always want to avoid bad surprises. Therefore you book your flight and you book your hotel quite early. But what about your car hire???? It’s absolutely acceptable that you cannot enjoy your holiday to Crete without a vehicle…… Well, either you have to stay inside your hotel (enjoy its facilities and that’s all), follow the group of tourists on excursions or depend on the transport links (which believe me would definitely destroy your holiday). Booking a car in advance is the third thing you absolutely have to organise (after booking your flight and hotel). Why?

  • Because you save money. Last minute bookings sometimes may result really expensive and this is something you wouldn’t like to happen to you (especially these days).
  • Because you feel more relaxed and certain that everything will go on as scheduled. You make your plans, you write down the places you wish to visit, you look them on the map and that’s it!
  • You don’t have to wait at the airport or walk around the area of your hotel to find the best car hire deals. Why lose valuable holiday time????

At thebestcars.gr we want you to avoid the stress of arranging your car hire during your holiday since you can book your car ONLINE and collect it when you arrive at the airport. It’s so easy and simple! The best way to explore Crete and discover its unique beauties around is undoubtedly hiring a car. At thebestcars.gr we offer you the possibility to book your vehicle in a simple and secure way. Read more
Drive at your own pace, feel flexible and independent and enjoy your holiday to Crete with thebestcars.gr